Carefully selecting a location where one can cruise around the metropolis with ease is more important than the brand name of the location.

Which area is most convenient within central Tokyo? Which neighborhood is most resident-friendly? With these criteria in mind, we chose the location close to Roppongi. This estate will be born in a peaceful neighborhood within the trendy, bustling center of Tokyo.

Hinokizaka, Akasaka:where culture is passed on with an eyeinto the future.

Hinokicho Park(1-minute walk・ca.70m/Nov.2013) Hikawa Shrine(3-minute walk・ca.240m/Oct.2013)

Hinokizaka has been wrapped in greenery and serenity since Edo.

This area was lined with Japanese cypress trees during the Edo period, which gave it the name “Hinoki (cypress) Residence,” and Akasaka Hinokizaka was the slope running along the Yamaguchi Domain’s Mori Residence. This area contained many residences filled with lush greenery up until the Showa period, and even now, it gives a sense of natural charm thanks to locations like Hinokimachi Park, Hikawa Shrine, etc.  Serenity spun by lush greenery within sight of the ever-changing bustle of the city – That is the luxurious routine that only this part of town can provide.

Landscape East(Apr.2016)

To he in the center of central TokyoMoreover,with a residential environment to be proud of.