Disaster prevention equipment is stored in case of emergencies such as earthquakes. Emergency relief goods are stocked along with a backup emergency generator. Each apartment unit has one emergency power plug to provide electricity in cases of power shortages and other emergencies.

Emergency early-warning of earthquakes A system that gives emergency early warning of earthquakes, provided by the Meteorological Agency, has been installed in order to reduce secondary damage during earthquakes. The system in the apartment receives and analyzes emergency early warning of earthquakes from the Meteorological Agency via the Internet. Based on the “estimated seismic intensity” and “time until arrival of large vibration” as analyzed, notifications are sent to each apartment and shared spaces regarding earthquakes equal to or above a pre-set seismic intensity.

Notification method within each apartment Notification method and response for shared areas The speakers located in shared spaces throughout the facility give notification in the same way as the intercoms installed in each apartment. Elevators automatically stop at the nearest floor and provide evacuation guidance in order to reduce damage and injury due to becoming trapped.