Structure The building structure uses state-of-the-art technology and meticulous consideration is given to every detail to make the apartment your permanent residency. We strive to provide a safe home by designing to enhance building durability, base isolation, noise insulation and comfort.

The seismic isolation structure ensures the safety of your precious home and assets In the event of an earthquake, this system allows you to deal calmly with even strong vibrations, and increases your feeling of security, allowing you to return quickly to your normal lifestyle. Foretseine Akasaka Hinokizaka is supported by the Tokyo Gravel Stratum, which begins from approximately 29m below ground level. The stratum has an N-value, a measure of foundation strength, of more than 50. The building is firmly supported by 44 pre-fabricated piles, extending into the support stratum, and the building also employs an intermediate seismic isolation structure like those incorporated into art museums that house valuable works. Seismic isolation mechanisms (lead rubber bearings, natural rubber, linear rolling bearings) installed between the basement level and the first floor firmly support the building and absorb lateral vibrations in the event of an earthquake. Dampening lateral vibrations also largely reduces vibrations throughout the entire structure. This prevents not only damage to the building itself but also to precious assets by reducing secondary damage from overturned indoor furniture as well as fallen storage items and decorations.

※conceptual diagram of pre plan has been digitally altered  and not actually as shown.